no penny, no paternoster

1528 W. TYNDALE Obedience of Christian Man fo. lxxxiiv After the commune sayenge, no peny no Pater noster.

1648 HERRICK Hesperides 302 Who..Can’t send for a gift A Pig to the Priest for a Roster [roast], Shall heare his Clarke say,..No pennie, no Pater Noster.

1721 J. KELLY Scottish Proverbs 259 No Penny, no Pater Noster.

1925 J. I. C. CLARKE My Life ix. If the churchly motto ‘No penny, no Paternoster’ was true, how could a church..stay downtown when its congregation was moving north.

1940 D. TEILHET Broken Face Murders ii. No penny, no paternoster. I neither pay the piper nor do I dance.

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